Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures and Such from Istanbul

Last night was wonderfully fun. Pretty much the whole group went out. We got a little lost on the way to the first club, but with our practically non-existent Turkish and a lot of pointing some of the locals helped us find another one. Istanbul is so great at night. We met so many nice people. We ended up hanging out at a hookah bar afterward (and no mom, it's not bad for you :) haha), and let's just say we had a very friendly waiter.

Unfortunately , today was just sad. I ended up catching some kind of 24 hour virus or something - so while I attempted to go sight seeing with everyone else, I couldn't do it. Now I am back at the hotel, which makes me very unhappy. I do feel better though - so I will be up bright and early and ready to see things tomorrow. Luckily, our guide from UGA said that there are boat tours going on all the time (which I very hesitantly missed today) - so I will go on one of those tomorrow afternoon.

Here are a few pictures from Istanbul that I took yesterday (but couldn't get to load). Hope you all enjoy.


  1. aww youre getting sick just like me!! i'm so proud! I guess you didn't drink enough orange juice! ha!

  2. Well it sounds like you had quite the adventure getting to Turkey - but we are glad you are there and enjoying yourself. Feel better, get some rest and have fun!

  3. hookah! =) and only 4 pictures??? really, Emily? ;)

  4. Thanks for sending me the link. LOL -- I always am the last to know.

    Clare should not know the word "hookah."
    Just sayin'.

    I hate that you got sick --- I hope you are feeling better.


  5. Mrs. Gillham! Ugh, I'm so sorry. I forgot to actually email the link out to everyone I just posted it on Facebook....lame, I know.

    And yes, I'm feeling much better. Now I'm ready for nonstop traveling, haha.