Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ciao Verona

Finals are over; the rain has stopped, and Verona is beautiful for our very last night in town. I can’t believe that it is time to tell Verona goodbye, but we have had such a great time here. Tonight we are heading out for one last group dinner and a last Hoorah downtown. Tomorrow morning, we leave for Florence and Rome as a group. Then on the 25th, Austin, David, Joe, Lauren, Emily and I set off for Paris (well, we will be setting off if Rome calls off the strikes that are scheduled for that day).

Hopefully I will have internet and will be able to post a few tidbits about the new exciting places that we will be visiting, but if not, this will be my last entry. Thanks so much to everyone for following my blog. I hope it was somewhat amusing and gave you a little bit of an idea about what I was doing and seeing. So, ciao for maybe the last time, maybe not, and I will see you all when I get back to the States.

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  1. Oh, surely you will find Internet access and keep informing those of us who are following you vicariously. I hope your vacation keeps getting better and better!