Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Futbol and Finals

Monday night was the Italy v. Portugal World Cup Game. Being the devoted study abroad students that we are, all of us were die-hard Italia fans for the night. We made a party of getting all dressed up in blue (jerseys, t-shirts, hats, etc) some of us because we wanted to, others because we were under the impression that we wouldn’t be able to get into Campus Bar without blue. Anyway, bottom line is we stood out like a bunch of Smurfs. Apparently, Italians are suspicious when it comes to soccer games. They don’t wear blue.

So, here we were waltzing around downtown Verona team-spirited out, and all of the Italians were raising their eyebrows and stifling giggles. We had a good time though, and that is all that matters. One of the guys in the group had reserved tables for us at Campus a week before, so upon finding the tables tagged “USA,” we set up in our stand like seating and cheered on the Italians. Almost the entire study abroad group turned out.

This was a nice addendum to our last week in Verona.

Tomorrow is finals and then our last dinner out in Verona. I’m not looking forward to packing or leaving, but I am excited about Rome, Florence and Paris.

(I'll put a picture up as soon as I can commandeer Kristy's camera.)


  1. LOL at your "blue" dress up ---

    Last Night in Verona? Sounds like a short story -- you might need to write it and make up the hot guy who took you out for grappa and grab at ya.


  2. Mrs. Gillham, you are so funny. I definitely laughed at all of your comments while I was eating breakfast before my final today.

    We need to meet for lunch or something when I get home so I can laugh in person.